When I was youn

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When I was youn
When I was young, I was the treasure of your palm. You have injected all your
love into my life Marlboro
, so that my childish mind has been moisturized by the rain, and
my childhood is full of love. Once, find a photo in your drawer - your face is
full of spring breeze, standing on the beach. You pointed at the sea behind me
and said to me, "Hey, when you grow up, I will take you to the sea, okay?" I
nodded, ecstatic, and you told me about the sea. The story of the daughter. At
that time, your eyes were full of sympathy. Under your double temptation, I am
full of hunger and yearning for the sea. I hope that one day I can go bathing
with the sun on the beach with you, chasing with the sea breeze, playing with
the waves, and letting me immerse myself in happiness. The middle of the car
continually turned forward, I have grown up, but never forgot your promise, the
sea in my heart makes me dream. So, under my urging, you finally fulfilled the
promise to take me to the nightmare for the sea. I finally saw the sea, the sky
is blue, the sea is so blue, two sea swallows go hand in hand, sweeping across
the sea, and drawing beautiful curves on the sea. The tides rise and fall, the
waves beat the reef, and sometimes the mother's caress are gentle and sometimes
raging. I took your hand, put it into the arms of the sea, let the waves kiss my
little feet... The afterglow of the sunset sprinkles on your gray hair, the sea
breeze gently blows over the hair, you caress my head, Smiled and said: "Hey, I
will bring you here next time, okay?" I looked at the sea, shouting loudly,
heading for the sunset, my echoes drifting in the sky Cheap Cigarettes... Dream flowers
I know how much, but now, there is only endless sadness in my heart. I once
again came to the beach Cigarettes
For Sale
, and the seaside only had the shadow of Haiyan and the raging
waves. The waves ruthlessly raged, and the mouth suddenly felt salty. I hope
that the sea is calm and calm, but there are often squalls and bad waves; I hope
that the rivers will linger in a thousand miles, but there are often whirlpools
and rapids; I hope that life is full of happiness, but there are often sadness
and sorrow. Falling flowers are falling, the sun sets, and under the torture of
the disease, you leave me. However, your love is still so rich, like the green
in the spring, the deep and shallow in my heart, dear grandfather, you know? I
have never forgotten your commitment to me. I don��t think you have forgotten
it. It��s just that time and space have separated us from the sea, but I firmly
believe that you must be at the end of the sea, blowing the sea breeze, thinking
about your baby granddaughter, face belt. Smile... The past is with the wind,
but the depths of memory are always blowing a burst of sea breeze. So, I fell in
love with the blue, fell in love with the blue sea breeze, let me walk with me
alongside the memory, look at the clouds and clouds, and remember the
affectionate love.
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