reflect and become the

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reflect and become the
Awesome, anti-gap leakage, anti-laziness, anti-corruption, like a boat against
the water, like a branchless tree Absurd and arrogant, every moment is not a
hindrance; instantaneous nourishment, every moment is not an embankment to
reflect and become the consciousness of life and conscious life to reflect on
oneself is painful, the most effective way to resolve this pain is to actively
transform yourself and show courage And perseverance, show greater courage and
perseverance, whoever has greater courage and perseverance will be able to
succeed. My reason is not at ease, my heart is not at all me. Wan Shanxin is a
calm heart, Bai Xiexin is a heart of freedom. Sincerity is reverent and respect
is deep. I used to think that 30 years old was far away, but found that blinking
at 18 years ago was a long time ago, and blinking has been a message fr om a
friend who has not chatted with people for half of his life Wholesale Cigarettes. I looked at the
subtitles in front of the flat screen, as if the last time I met was 5 years
ago. I asked him back: "Where are you? In what city, what about your little
girlfriend?" He returned to me: "I am still in Huizhou. She went to her place to
cook with his dad." Are you not married? He said he also wanted to get married.
But the woman's family rejected him for having no room. I suddenly thought about
which young man who just came out of the school door. At that time, he said that
he wanted to have his own house in Huizhou. Keep your head down, no, just like
me, I used to have a dream, but I also bowed my head because of life. When I was
young, I always wanted to run outside. I think the world outside must be
wonderful, so I
left. In a lap, I walked around a lot afterwards, only to find that my parents
are at home, life has wiped out all my dreams, and now I live in the city wh ere
I grew up, making a salary does not count High work, 8 hours a day, free time to
make appointments with friends of three or five years, it is because this is the
life I always wanted. I used to think that I would marry the man who was full of
my eyes at the age of 26 Marlboro Red.
Knowing that I was 30 years old this year, I found that it was appropriate to
get along without getting tired. Love was not in a hurry because that person was
still on the road. In general, this is a 30-year-old little woman's self-report.
Lin Weiyin said that you must be gentle and be strong without panic and
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