work hard. I do n��t kn

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work hard. I do n��t kn
Unconsciously, I am in my thirties. I once claimed that I would be a successful
person. I think I am extraordinary. I think I can get what I want as long as I
work hard. I do n��t know what I want and what I can do to make me happy. I
always seem to live in happiness. The friends and colleagues I know will think I
am an extremely optimistic person, including myself I think, but now,
it seems that it is not the case. Sometimes I even think, if I am away, it will
be a relief, nothing to worry about, no great pressure, sometimes I feel that I
can participate in life and death, and do what I love. Now that I am, I really
don't know where the direction is. The immediate goal may be to get married, to
continue future generations, and to make my family happy, but still I am so
helpless. Maybe it was an indulgence that was once indulged, and now it is
accepted. I can say that it was deeply influenced and recognized by Chinese
culture Cheap Cigarettes. A few days ago, I
read the secret history of Xiaozhuang and thought why Emperor Shunzhi wanted to
become a monk and did not want to be an emperor. I did n��t agree with it. Qing
was prosperous, his son grew up, and his power status could be obtained. In
fact, he did n��t want this. Even if he had it, it did n��t make sense to say so
much. I did n��t know what I wanted to express. Maybe it was because of his poor
writing. I really don't know so much about the road ahead. I have lived together
for more than ten years, and my temperament has been tempered for more than ten
years, but life is still so difficult ... The first thing to get up in the
morning, to judge the wife ��s mood, if she is in a good mood Marlboro Cigarettes, I can rest assured for a day,
if she is in a bad mood , I can only run quickly. There are actually reasons for
my wife's temper, but there are some reasons I can't understand these problems.
At the beginning, I was very angry. I was desperate to make money outside, not
to support the family. ... gradually, gradually, I am used to it. Comfort
yourself, maybe the wives of other people are the same. Man, bear a little more.
It ��s okay, not understood, it ��s okay, I can. Yes, I really can, but the
problem is that my wife ca n��t. She finds things for no reason. Not only does
she make you angry, she also gets angry, she is very angry, and she is very
serious, sometimes crying for a long time. I ��m going to drop a day, what is
this, what do I do wrong, my wife is in a bad mood, the whole family is in a bad
mood ... I can only hurry. Do you think I don't? But the response was: Get out
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