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ublicize. The nam
Yangge is a small town in northern Taiwan. Because it is a small town, so the
personality is always wrapped in the simplicity of the publicity. Ceramic is the
flag she was able to publicize. The name of the ceramic is larger than that of
the Yangko. Because of the ceramics, many people set foot on her slightly narrow
old street. She also took the opportunity to build a ceramic museum, Taiwan's
first ceramic park, ceramic old street, Guangtuo ceramics industry, and open
ceramics store. As a result, she won the reputation of ��Jingdezhen in Taiwan��.
Of course, more than just singing, too many towns have been developed, such as
Zhouzhuang, Lijiang, Heizhen, Yucheng, and so on. However, there are some real
estates, some cultures, some celebrities, and some of them. About two hundred
years ago, ceramics was finally associated with Yangge. In the era of Japanese
TV drama, Yangge planted tea for it, and there was no ceramic. In the Jiaqing
period of the Qing Dynasty, the arrival of Wu An Wu Tang and others made the
history of Yangge rewritten. They found that the neighboring Jianshan area is
rich in clay, and it is here to open pottery. Afterwards, the local residents
were mainly based on agriculture and supplemented by ceramics. Later, the two
were opposed to each other. Today, ceramics has replaced agriculture as a symbol
of Yangge. We say that it is to sing songs, rather than to see ceramics.
Ceramics are a dialogue between ��earth�� and ��fire��. Jinmu water and fire
soil, mutual phase grams. The fire is not tolerated, the golden fire does not
seem to be in harmony, the wood is destroyed by fire, and the connection between
soil and fire collides with the wonders of human culture Cheap Cigarettes. Ceramics are
really the pride of earth and fire. Ceramics are of course the general term for
pottery and porcelain. The two are roughly the same, so the class is called, but
there are some differences. Pottery is a rough man, porcelain is a delicate
woman, and interestingly, the rough man can't stand the high temperature (the
pottery can only be 900 degrees Celsius), while the delicate woman needs the
high temperature burning. (Porcelain must be at least 1200 degrees Celsius). In
addition Marlboro
, both of them are made of soil, water, formed, dried, and then fired,
but the pottery is made of clay, the porcelain is kaolin, and the composition of
iron is high. Ceramic is really an amazing art. It communicates the past and the
present in the dimension of time, and communicates different cultures in
different regions in the dimension of space. It becomes a connecting point of
criss-crossing, as if it were the origin of the coordinate system. Through it,
we can see the history of the vicissitudes of life, we seem to see the imprint
of the life of the ancestors; today Newport 100S, it still comes out
in our courtyard, kitchen, bedroom, or the world of ancient or ingenious writing
in our eyes . Because of it, the Yangge and Jingdezhen, which are separated from
Qianshan, have never met each other, and they have a tacit understanding. Few
art can think of ceramics in the position of elegant and vulgar, and even smooth
the boundaries between the two. Even the most solemn hall, there are also
standing or lying or hanging or inlaid posture, but even in a certain squatting
it is either muddy, plain and clean, or simple and clear. It can be the master's
ingenuity, or it can be a large copy of the geotechnical work. It can be worth
the price, or it can be the most everyday item. It combines aesthetics and
function into an extremely perfect state. But ceramics is a commercial
temptation for Acura. What is behind the interweaving of "earth" and "fire" is
the bulging pocket of the pocket, unlike Yangshao, unlike Longshan, unlike
Dawenkou, the real cry of survival. Of course, from the ceramics into the Yangko
perspective Yangko can see the epitome of a mottled history. The legend of
Zheng, the later tea house, the later pottery, and now the aesthetic art,
commercial development, into a modern small town, the process of ceramic charm
once again meticulously reproduce the truth, this "soil" and " The art of "Fire"
and the carols are in a heart-to-heart dialogue, which will not change in a
short period of time.
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