on of perceptual knowledg

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on of perceptual knowledg
Almost every aesthetic master solves this problem when building his own thought
building. Beauty is the idea, beauty is imitation, beauty is order, beauty is
the perfection of perceptual knowledge Newport 100S, beauty is in form,
beauty is the whole of characteristics, beauty is in distance, beauty is the
perceptual manifestation of concept Newport Cigarettes, beauty is
empathy, beauty is pleasant, beauty is No matter how much life is, these
theories are all in the eyes of the leopard, blind people touch the image,
leaving many flaws. Want to be perfect, perfect? Want to get the truth, get the
truth? Or this perfect, the truth is the moon in the water, the flower in the
mirror. Beauty is in the heart, beauty is in the object, or beauty is the birth
of the heart and soul? These are all based on the binary separation of the
subject and the guest to think about the essence of beauty. We take ourselves
out and think of ourselves as the subject of nature, while others are objects
and objects of human activity. We say that beauty is beautiful, is beauty the
property of flowers, is it beautiful for the sky, rocks, and flowers? In fact,
we think that beauty is nothing. Beauty is our evaluation of flowers. We put
flowers on our opposite side, as objects, and use our emotional intellectual
needs to judge whether beauty exists or not. Exist, why does it exist? Is it
really a thing (of course, a generalized thing)? If so, how to define and think
about it is not difficult to find out that these questions (what is the beauty
of the United States) are based on human pursuit of intellectuality, and use
everything as an object for my use. People are actually a thing in everything,
just like flowers Carton Of
, stones, ants, clouds and rains, just a thing in the universe.
Therefore, can we put aside the dualistic thinking and think about the beauty
from another angle. Laozi��s heaven and earth are one, and the integration of
heaven and man is exactly the same as God. Zhuangzi's penguin, the singer, the
boatman is the annihilation of the boundaries between people and things, people
and things coexist with the heavens and the earth, prospering the gods,
conflicts, and reach the highest free living space. People know the joy of
swimming, the fish also knows the joy of flowing water, the things and the
interdependence, neither high nor despicable, non-main and non-custom, non-use
and use of this is the beauty, the beauty of existence.
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