Bills' Moorman issues Cushing's glory

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MB & F HM6

With replica MB & F HM6, we can trace the traces of HM4, almost the first works, excessive design and complexity, unrestrained creative display, and the use of hard emotions. HM6 is love or hate again (again, this feeling is a testament to uncompromising and emotionally driven creation). For this reason, pay attention to HM6. You have to have the courage to launch such a product and imagine that someone will buy it at a glance-that's it, trust us. HM6 can also be traced back to the basic code of MB & F, the deconstruction of time, symmetrical design, the shape of the movement related to the display and design, the exposed technical elements, but it is more organic and steampunk than before.

HM6 is all about "biomorphology". For me, it was an encounter between a spaceship and an insect. This could easily become the vision of a biomechanical, insect-like robot in a 1970s comic. HM6 has four bubble-shaped eyes, just like the centrally mounted mechanical brain, located on the central tourbillon, with the ability to show or hide parts with mechanical eyelids. HM6 is not only mechanical, but also organic. The HM6 adds a new perspective on basic concepts, with some childhood inspirations, such as the side cabin inspired by the spacecraft of the future captain of the 1970s.

This watch also has a tactile and playful feel, not only saving time for the wearer, but also enabling him to interact with it. The two turbines (a full-featured turbine with adjustable self-winding rotor speed) and the ability to close or open the tourbillon cover also participated in the experience. Similarly, some people may dislike this design, but must understand and perceive HM6 differently. Like other HM watches, it is an unlimited work of art.

In 2015, when HMX came out, MB & F celebrated its 10th anniversary. 10 years became possible simply because some collectors bought these watches-we can't hide the truth ... MB & F, like all brands, ultimately decided to sell watches. The celebration could have been a flagship product, and this is a complex and complex piece that can be shown to the world. However, MB & F has a different idea. They want to present a more affordable gift to loyal customers. This is a gift for selected customers, but if the price level and the complexity of the movement are at different levels, the design will remain bold and the inspiration will obviously come from MB & F Watch.

MB & F HMX does not hide its roots. Just like the HM5 (easy to filter), it focuses on cars, but it doesn't focus on vintage cars, but on the entire supercar series. Max said that, like many boys, he filled his sketchbooks and notepads with wild, superfast car drawings and dreamed of becoming a supercar designer. This illustrates the driver's driving style, the front hole is shaped like an E-shaped cooling grille, and even 4 colors (Lotus Black, British Racing Green, Ferrari Red and Bugatti Blue).

HMX is a gasoline head MB & F, and we know that for most of us, the inspiration is to talk to the little boy who still lives in our minds. On the other hand, this MB & F HMX is consistent with the rest of the series and maintains dramatic and sculptural shapes, the duality of the display and the overall symmetry of the design. HMX is a gift for collectors, and certainly one of the coolest watches in the entire collection.replica swiss  watches

MB & F LM Permanent
As we said on LM1, and even on LM2, the Legacy Machine series is the ideal place to explore tradition. Traditions in design and overall concepts, and traditions in watchmaking. The LM2 and its double-balanced movement open the door to complexity. The LM Perpetual watch goes further and is equipped with the MB & F watch, which is undoubtedly the most classic complication, namely the perpetual calendar. Even more striking is the fact that the display is a well-known fact that these three sub-dials show the date, day of the week and month, respectively.

However, this does not count on a signature central floating balance, which actually runs counter to the normal method of constructing a perpetual calendar. But even though this was a major problem, MB & F retained this feature and found a solution with the help of Stephen McDonnell, which eliminated the usual "big tax" and envisioned "Mechanical Processor". Once again, MB & F may focus on tradition, and they are not doing things the usual way.

One thing about this watch is that at first glance it seems too busy and lacks the pleasant aerial feel of previous LM watches. It took us a while to understand LM Perpetual, but once you see it next to LM1 or LM2, you will directly feel its pedigree and its true meaning. LM Perpetual is the first of its kind, and it really shows the way for future legacy machines. Of course, we don't yet know what the upcoming watch will be (we tried ...), but it is certain that you will see more of these traditional complications in the coming years. LM Perpetual is another adjustment point in MB & F history, showing once again their continuous development.RICHARD MILLE RM 27-01 replica watches

Concluding this MB & F retrospective, we won't tell you how great it is to see all these watches at once ... of course. In fact, regrouping all these watches together gives us the opportunity to learn more about MB & F concepts, concepts and inspiration. What is most notable is how these people, Max, MB & F's team, and friends, have integrated excellent consistency throughout the series while being able to develop, adapt, and react. MB & F's success lies in the homogeneity of the design and signature concepts. The reason why MB & F is different is that they must always make tangent tables. These tables must be very close to outrageous, excessive, head or too avant-garde boundaries. However, they never crossed the boundaries, always had the same boldness and uniqueness, and eventually produced emotions. In such a niche market, strong emotions are key.

Since 11 years, MB & F has brought collectors (and us) with joy, excitement and bright smiles on their faces. Once you get to know Max, the team behind the brand and the friends who helped create this adventure, it's hard not to appreciate what is done here, mainly because it's a story of a man and a woman, not just a watchmaking story . This review must be seen as the moment you sit down, look at what you did and think "That's great, let's continue and look to the future". MB & F's story is only 11 years old. We believe that there will be more stories coming, more smiles on our faces and more surprises. Be brave and keep it coming. Breguet Marine replica watches
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